Saturday, January 14, 2006

D by Mark Young

To be ceased being
in the present tense
& fled. Monks beat
their heads in one
last round of ritual &
joined it. To the young
it was the stuff of
nursery rhymes; but
too much for the
superstitious who
took it pluperfectly
& saw in it a sign
that leprosy would up-
load later. They had
no out, could do
nothing more than
encase their seed
within any leaf or
left-wing poet
that was available.
Little came of it — the
appearance money
was deemed too small —
but as a mathematical
technique it was
exemplary abscission.

Mark Young is a New Zealander now living on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia. He has been publishing poetry for more than 45 years & his work has appeared in many print & electronic journals. He recently co-edited TheFirst Hay(na)ku Anthology with Jean Vengua, & his latest book of poetry, episodes, is due out soon from xPress(ed). He maintains a couple of blogs, pelican dreaming & mark young's Series Magritte.