Wednesday, January 25, 2006

THREE POEMS by Christopher Rizzo


You want to say I want to want and say you
what I is to want and confluence.
A genealogy of the cat's meow, a flossy
before bingo, a jackpot in shorts.
The word you gave me fell apart, Skippy, and now
all is but bling, noggin bloopers
and erasures, sweeps for clashes,
my honey radiator went rabid
and minor, lappers pour squat in quash.
Washington looks confused.
Poppies in ozone glorify O,
shush fens the face, the you there in turn,
lined, a fission code afloat—
prickly the ups in temps, quadrilateral
the pings, crossroads at square,
Cambridge years a cambric for boo.
The Glock is mightier than the Cross?
Who inks, and when?


Fracas and blurb, wacko mufflers lingo blah,
claim the lay to aye an I, a wigwam
for a Wookie, wayward soda fizz
shipping grin, green oil in tins,
gilt blazons, chipped cedar for drops,
magnet jumpers, the boxy of box
say reliquary the query what?
Economy rhymes with sodomy.
A lone flapper takes yip and keeps it up
the steeps, boots, mumblings,
joy hangs in the bubble a question,
the wild-man from Borneo back from Pluto
for five card stud in Bayonne.
"Did you understand a word of it?"
Know when to walk away.


Fandangos at 11 and the Groucho origami,
for the masses the money licks,
work the work that works
in June, all the tapers red at the release,
the Prick of Rochester with his pants down
cardinal flights. Kill your Pater
Noster, Walter in the breaks,
quay yolks on the flats, the hush
laves to face, a well peopled
Zanzibar. Twang husky in shop,
shatters and compounds
the heavies, Orion in cipher,
your nape seized. Juju the squalor
of the horns and pronto.
Maynard G. Krebs.

Christopher Rizzo lives in Albany, New York, where he is working on aPh.D. in English. His poems have appeared in Art New England, Carve, Pettycoat Relaxer, and Shampoo among others. He published a chapbook, Claire Obscure, with Katalanché Press in 2005 and has a new chapbook, Zing, just out from Carve Editions.