Monday, January 09, 2006

TWO POEMS by adam fieled


i didn't say it. that. i wish this thing.
but then. subversion. all conventional
modes. of hip-stroking. there was that
time. it's past. how the something to
decode became ourselves. what. now,
contact. now, disjunct. how i wished
to say it. to "put it out there". that if
you put out. you should. continue
to do so. then came nebraska. with
it, erasure. i was rattling off suburbia.
when we tried again. it was. mixed
like emotions. even. when. the thing
seemed relatively. clear. there was
a dancing around sense. semantics
are endless. there can be infinite
sentences, blazing. insurrected
passages. between.

"red life"

mark rothko
came to me in
a dream and said,
each color chunk is
a way of life,
you must choose.

i'm wearing a red
sweater, that's my choice.
anything not to be

adam fieled is an american poet based in philly. he has work in jacket, rain taxi, great works, argotist, starfish, hutt, boog city, cake train & elsewhere, & edits the blog-journal
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