Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FOUR POEMS by Jordan Stempleman

Pans for the Square

and know

somebody is aware of the usual mistakes

could all the forgetting then crown

true and tired

there crawling through the door

as the growth from boundaries

the wisp

from where the cutting pictures

caught the alleged risks

of calling this the darling orange

rather than the darling blue

from the usual source of the final image

Stay Right Here

Doesn’t instance go to great heights
to insist it’s become insistence? But the bar
just happened to be here, while some affection
was there below it, with the talk of fortunate things.

The stalk from proportion reports,
it started from one or what was left from one.
It was the pleasure from strangers
that allowed for the comparisons to lean

away from each other, as if they wanted nothing
but to go on being touched.


So this spot or dropped assembly is also a member
of the emerging go around. It marks things differently
since it came without knowing its closeness
will somehow cling to its impression. Singly
but to stay defining the redoubtable keepsake
attached to an easy chair or other hilarious things.
The good goes dull with responses. It’s history
caught in the musical stupor of refused sound,
talking to the music rather than skating to the music.
All this in public, still crouched for inspection, attending
to these limits that never rest when noticed long.

Greasy Spoon

Since to mean the watched insurance of the warm morning
expects the pressure to return. There was rarely more than a light
afterward, redistributed, for as long as the bent account
to watch it spread, moves on and shifts the sliding designs
of wanting it to linger. The guest came to us for something,
even as we agreed that the muck wasn’t muck, but the frontier
from coming into production—by the way this was left
here, well worth to take on its close. As to take on
the vacations that hinge revelry to the break of traveling
on a little longer, leavening the glance of a long return.

Jordan Stempleman's poetry has appeared in magazines as New American Writing, Moria, Shampoo, Softblow, MiPoesias, and Milk Magazine. His first book, Their Fields is now available through Moria e-books. Currently, he lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife and daughter where he works as a tobacconist. His daily writing can be found at Growing Nation