Saturday, February 18, 2006

FOUR POEMS by William Allegrezza

to begin in destruction and
end in an aesthetic

we want freedom less than we think

as though in speaking
to weave a clear future

when i planned to move
no one told me about the
violent storms

everywhere dust collects.

subtle tricks turning over valleys

utterances floating with no true hold

shades weaving battle tales

if i would i would if i

250 opaque boxes

train visions blurred

diaries on the styx

the spoils of fortuna

whispers in the conspiratorial night

take the axe and find your own chaos.

reacting to letters tossed
with alphabets among
rocks washed by lake


“i wait for the stars to appear”

plants grow over us
covering our brief years
with winter or spring

all things tend towards the core
given time

“i am crazed with light.”

issue three cards to the unmotivated

our goal is the enlargement of the company

this account has been discontinued

we are notifying you for your security

you can trust our oversight mechanisms

our quality is the industry standard

do not trust yourself to be motivated.

William Allegrezza has published poetry, reviews, and articles in many countries, both online and in print. He is the editor of
moria and of Cracked Slab Books. He hosts a blog.