Thursday, February 09, 2006

THREE POEMS by Alana Madison

"What are the washing instructions?"

There is no waiting in line at your local gassing.

"The word horde"

Is the word lounge horde

lisp an emerging line workshop for itch riders

I speed and this

I divide quail zed ed

It al roach is

Directed by fissional acting writers the result for you

A stack of manuscript pages of the end of

And receive quality editorial fastback fast

Within three days one on one via nomail
The word lounge is for people fiction
Deadline driven by and positive

It will instill focus miss

The weekly deadline and you miss

The weekly deadline the lounge features plus tips

Techniques and recommendations
Most people on earth are those who felt

Felt on up to the big time

"Super P Hairamacy"

Lip lower than a response
To those bites split pressure
Pleasures the language of
The summer drew outside
Its manner wet from April

Lips lust stasis
The summer inserted too please,
If it could in it's clean
Knickerbockers itself

Between the cook
The bodies
Slipped good of a mouthed
Having an escape
Me outside to eat me

Link juices of the summer
That comes strongly
Strikes to him
A harder digging
I am with which one wedges
Almost there licked in summers

Openings flood thick
with heat of good taste

And outside it spoke with its language

Alana Madison lives with her child and has a very limited web presence. This may change.