Sunday, February 12, 2006

TWO POEMS by Josef Kaplan

Place V

Cars could be
as if there
was nothing to

talk about (walk
about too)
what periods of

traffic punctuate
by dropped com-
ma and rote

shift, what roads
talk about and
cross evenly

between your
lines (let's
talk about cars).
Think about it,

never having to
wear your belts
or walk again.


Were, in the
front, for-

getting to
was a

with beginning.

Was a kind
of quote,

that is, "time

which is the
hardest kind

of quote. Now,
for reaching

the mouth's
arm, ourselves:

there is a

fulness, and
I am reminded.

Josef Kaplan, for the most part, lives and writes in Santa Cruz, California.