Wednesday, April 12, 2006

FOUR POEMS by rob mclennan


cut a hole in the drywall & the wind

of paper (stolen) boxes through cold & in the summer nothing

intimation the sincerest form of flattery





it cant be that hard
, curious

a fly-wheel, flown

of the plant-bath
, company


all that there is, a spectral
foot long cloud

, amorphous

, hour is

hat on the head

a very thunder clap & claim
, without them

when all the old okeefe centre
on scott

I bet you dont remember

, railroad

Born in Ottawa, rob mclennan currently lives in Ottawa. The author of twelve trade poetry collections including name , an errant (Stride, 2006) and aubade (Broken Jaw Press, 2006), his poetry, fiction and critical work has appeared in a dozen countries and in three languages. A collection of essays will appear in fall 2007 with ECW Press. He regularly posts reviews, essays and other nonsense on his

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A POEM by Caroline Conway

Disco Nap

Bauble-chased shiny
bubble divulging a dream
a scene encases me in sudden
convulsive gleam spreads out circling
hot spangle and propulsive stream
a two-step to step through
this dance hustling futures
mirrored sheen & me out of steam
left back try to catch throbbing time
satin-masked beneath the flash
elastic string and plastic red
glass grip of hip and lip so lime
the line, the slip, the line.

Caroline Conway has no story to tell. Sometimes you can catch her loitering here