Monday, February 06, 2006

THREE POEMS by Donna Kuhn


want to drop a slanted little legato in your naive cube?
warn a lima cloud, horse eyelid, keep a wheel, lima bean

on the seacoast with the same practically, the paper sun is acute
green again, escape a flower with a removable cover, falsehoods

warn a lima the job is hot, your face a responsible stewardess
radioactive water guides, the floor is sauve with its illegal marriage

the rodent is green on tv's hot ecstasy faucets
salad of a flower, rodent of lentils

fabric is an acute ray, the sun is fuel, the fuel
stewardess, dark liar of licorice

long candy of falsehoods, waterbug danger
your birds are leaving, depicted by a drawing

horses feel hunched with nothing
the seacoast is along the shore

the dishwasher feels green
the sun is the loyalty

edible ships run rampant with large bough bending the thinking
a tough cloud understands, anorexic tofu soul, acute corduroy

lift-off, take-off, feel the stewardess tree as gentle escape
in your hunched hands, linger, citrus lineman, tranquil sulfur

the tv was dark and lefthanded

the beret sky, wiley headlights of libido to make texas silence
complete the summer, licensed seriousness, silence of the liar

boxer hat tree bending the shore, return your fraction of lifetime
that is your suave illegal terrace, the queen is mild

the moon is a trembling marriage
a person becomes a person when the water trembles

liberty is indecent, the sky was rodent green
daddy is a mineral, i service your hands

captain on a tree, an escape for europe is used
your face is slipping, your face is slipping of thinking

a tough coo profound in texas
whisper like a shore


why bother sleeping in your heart
airport bomb, the queen of the christians is across music

the snow is turning and u have it

tricky snow shampoo rent death skin
i always wouldnt cry rain in your handbag

if u like with the burnt pioneer
u lay down winter

tears for a system that grins blue
like your racoon is in kuwait

bulging all over your flashly enemies dreams

bang the meat moon pudding his tv bees love up

your adhesives are plaid
the evening was arrogant and sunk nagasaki
hissing against blue like the page

again the meadow ice regretted sucking vacuumed dexedrine
sink reasons myself, visit jesus in your horse maze

his rent is singing in the eye mirror
the operator of green bones
red winter winter

when youre in your couch
swallow the luck bees
cool words goose her

whatever licks your botulism
in your head tinkerbell ink
like a curtain job abandonment

december is an eye not big
u offer your eye wihtout eyes

green things collapse
give her back her head
your margaret bug is all chewy

hold your fish branches real

i remember u are a favor in a state u grind

a cow is skipping in a loop text
my hands are from bombay
your teeth commute


bone scatters your recreational reindeer
prophet winter slips u a burden party
the excellent abortion had a musical argument

undulating powerlessness excreted by bees
9/11 death face, my ear hurts
the sea, the town seems
stupid at that

i ached but i was so free to steal things that ended
i dont like the stars, theres a whole city
while we sleep i have mirrors of bird dreams

get sultry with your words in a meadow
they move your eye because the dulcimer
was ripped like a rose is a winking coat

trees were boat regions, your marriage was
your face is in my desk, he says too bad
your eye is rude

a skeleton is happy like a pretzel
i cant bear sleeping in the half and half
wisconsin is a spider

your co-workers are captains of the thing
bananas are red and sleep in the sideways moon
the moon snows and vacuums your face

i cant wait for your animal dulcimers
u cant move by enthusiasm
they sink the moon i cant bear

Donna Kuhn is an author, poet, dancer, visual and video artist.